Bay Area Ridge Riders
Trail Rides for Experienced Riders

"The best horseback trail riding in San Francisco Bay Area, California for intermediate riders and above!"

To book a ride:

Best Trail Rides Ever!

Do you want to go riding, I mean really go riding?

  • If you are an experienced horseback rider
  • If you want to enjoy nature from horseback
  • If you are tired of nose-to-tail trail rides 

Then we invite you to come along on a vigorous trail ride on one of our willing and well-conditioned horses through the most scenic mountain and forest trails in San Mateo County, California. We will ride over ridges, through redwoods and open meadow lands in San Francisco Bay Area parks and preserves.

Choose from a short or long day ride, or even come on a multi-day riding vacation. You will be pampered with food, drink, comfortable western endurance saddles and the horses well-groomed, saddled up and ready to go.

As an experienced rider you will appreciate that our horses are energetic, responsive to a trained equestrian's aids and never ridden by beginners.

Our horseback rides are not suitable for beginner riders. If you are a beginner rider we'd be happy to refer you to a suitable trail riding business. Please don't overstate your riding abilities! I promise that we will notice and you may not get to go on the ride.

Bay Area Ridge Riders in the media:

"A small number of stables in the Bay Area have realized there is an opportunity to fill a need for horse lovers who do not own a horse.
On the peninsula, for instance, Bay Area Ridge Riders offers personal trail rides for advanced riders at many Bay Area parks. My sister Sue, a horse lover since a tiny lass, joined owner and trail guide Magda Bartilsson for a birthday gift trip and found it exhilarating beyond expectations."

Tom Stienstra, San Francisco Chronicle, Bond  of horse, human defies easy explanation, July 10, 2011

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