Bay Area Ridge Riders
Trail Rides for Experienced Riders

Horse camping
3 days of riding from Jack Brooks' camp ground in Samuel McDonald and Pescadero Creek County Parks. Spots available in July and August. Call or email for availability!

"Here's the deal...Magda is the greatest and her horses are the best!! If you love horseback riding and outdoor adventure with an experienced guide you will love Bay Area Ridge Riders. Magda knows the parks and open space preserves incredibly well and has a knack for balancing safety with plenty of fun. You gotta try it!!"

To book a ride:

Best Trail Rides Ever!

Do you want to go riding, I mean really go riding?

  • If you are an experienced horseback rider
  • If you want to enjoy nature from horseback
  • If you are tired of nose-to-tail trail rides 

Then we invite you to come along on a vigorous trail ride on one of our willing and well-conditioned horses through the most scenic mountain and forest trails in San Mateo County, California. We will ride over ridges, through redwoods and open meadow lands in San Francisco Bay Area parks and preserves.

Choose from a short or long day ride, or even come on a multi-day riding vacation. You will be pampered with food, drink, comfortable western endurance saddles and the horses well-groomed, saddled up and ready to go. Regular pace and endurance pace rides available.

As an experienced rider you will appreciate that our horses are energetic, responsive to a trained equestrian's aids and never ridden by beginners. Please note that these rides are for trained equestrians only and that I don't have a program for beginner riders.

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