Ismael "Raffa" Saveedra 
Ranch Hand and Grounds Keeper 

​Raffa is the guy that makes it all happen behind the curtains. He takes care of the farm and the horses in the best way possible including feeding, keeping the pasture and paddocks clean, mending fences and lots of other ranch projects.

With a background as a groom and trainer for polo horses, Raffa is of extraordinary help also with training and exercising of our horses.

Ashley Byington
Trail Guide

Ashley recently joined us as a part-time trail guide. A Los Gatos Mountains local all her life, adopting her first horse as a 9-year-old, Ashley competed in gymkhana and rode in the local Christmas parades. She is an excellent rider, and has a gentle yet assertive touch with the horses. Having worked for many years in the service industry as a manager for the wine-tasting room of Byington Winery she has a professional, warm and friendly way of interacting with the public.

In a very short time Ashley has taken on all responsibilities of a BARR trail guide, horse trainer and riding instructor.

Oskar Claesson 
Ranch Hand and Assistant Trail Guide 

My son Oskar joined as a part-time ranch helper and backup trail guide a couple of years ago. Oskar loves the great outdoors and a very active life style filled with adventures. He learned to ride horses at a young age but his passion growing up was downhill biking including building trails and ramps for jumps.

Currently pursuing a career in the HVAC industry after graduating from trade school IBT's HVAC program we won't see as much of him on the trails, but he will continue to support us helping out on the ranch with horse care and ranch projects.

Horses, Nature and People
the perfect combination

Magda Bartilsson
Owner and Trail Guide

I grew up with horses in Sweden on a breeding ranch where I rode and drove Swedish Gotland ponies. I also did pony club, local hunter/jumpers and dressage shows on a frisky arab/welsh mare after I outgrew the ponies. Horses was my life back then, and still is, although for many years had to take a back seat because of education, family and career. 

After a successful career as a scientist and biotech consultant I wanted horses back in my life. Bay Area Ridge Riders opened in 2011 and has changed my life in every way. What better way to live than to sharing with others what I love the most: horses and nature. I know the good trails, the scenic vistas and the spots to give the horses a break with juicy grass and crystal clear water. My goal is that you go home after riding with me and say: "This was my best trail ride ever!"

Liz Beeson Evans
Trail Guide and Marketing Director

Hiring Liz as a trail guide and director of our on-line marketing efforts have helped Bay Area Ridge Riders reach new audiences and expanding our programs. She brings with her many years of experience in the horse industry as a horse camp leader, trail guide and a licensed instructor for a therapeutic riding school, as well as a contagious enthusiasm and boundless energy.

Liz is a fully trained trail guide and trail riding instructor that independently leads rides, and she drives the big truck and trailer like a boss.If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram you will notice that all the cool and artsy pictures are shot by Liz.

I wanted to take this opportunity to also telling you about a new project Liz has started outside of Bay Area Ridge Riders, Caring Cowgirl, which is a therapeutic equine business supporting adults and children in need of the emotional and tactile benefit that her mini equines will provide.

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