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​​​Trail Rides for Adventurous Riders
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Trail Lessons

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Two-hour trail lesson: $170 per rider

The two-hour trail lessons BARR provides are focused on equitation for the adventurous trail rider. 

The trail lessons are ideal for the following:

  • Refreshing riding skills after a long time of not riding
  • Pleasure riding on the trail; optimizing comfort and safety in the saddle
  • Riding fitness such as conditioning the rider for a riding vacation
  • Introduction to endurance riding
  • Beginners starting to learn to ride

In the lessons you will learn correct riding techniques for trail riding:

  • Centered and balanced seat
  • Accuracy of steering
  • Emergency techniques and safety on trails
  • Lateral work and back-up
  • Rating of tempo
  • Transitions 
  • Posting diagonals 
  • Two-pointing 
  • Correct canter leads 
  • Riding through obstacle and difficult terrain

The lessons are tailored to suit each student in an optimal way and can be private or semi-private (two students).
For riders that are interested in other disciplines for competition such as dressage, hunter/jumpers or western disciplines we have a network of instructors that we refer to.