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Quarter horse gelding, born 2005, 15.2 hands

Mister loves being out on the trail and is just as happy walking along leisurely as moving out in a more energetic pace. He'll take care of you if you feel a little rusty or timid and won't do anything you didn't ask for. At the same time he is very responsive to your aids and is happy to get going when you are ready for it. Mister previously competed in Trail Trial and is a pro over logs, bridges and through streams. This is a very well-trained and sensible horse with wonderful movement.


Quarter horse mare, born 2001, 15.2 hands

This girl is the deluxe trail horse, with super-smooth gaits and is so responsive to your aids. She loves to go and is at the same time very level headed even in new surroundings. An experienced rider will appreciate her solid western training and bright, willing nature. More light-bodied than your average quarter horse she moves with such grace and pizazz. Kaley is the perfect combination of obedient and forward and is trustworthy for a returning rider as well as being lots of fun for advanced riders.


Quarter horse Arab cross, born 2004, 15 hands

She is small and mighty and moves like a ballerina. Bella is oh-so smooth and always willing to move out when asked, and if you don't she will ask you. We enjoy her brave nature, balanced gaits and high level of training. Flying lead changes on the trail anybody? This horse is perfect for riders with soft hands who appreciate a sensitive, charming and spirited animal.


Arab gelding, born 2010, 16 hands

This tall, graceful horse started as the timid new guy and has really worked his way up through the herd hierarchy. Fernando is best suited for experienced riders as he is still young in his training, so requires a rider with a soft touch and a steady seat. He is a good boy and not spooky at all. We think you will adore this goofy boy who loves people and just wants to please!


Arab mare, born 2005, 14.3 hands

We call her Thor because she is fast as lightning and has a thunderous voice. Once she gets going you will never want to slow her down. Additionally, she has one of the smoothest gaits you'll ever experience, and she is simply so sweet to riders and other horses alike. Her other career is as an endurance horse with a champion's attitude, winning best conditioned horse in previous events. She is well suited for riders looking for a more forward, energetic, and spirited horse. 


Mustang gelding, born 2011, 15.2 hands

​This horse was born wild in Wyoming and was later trained by inmates at a prison in Nevada. There he was named George the Love Bug and he certainly lives up to his name, always ready for some smooching. George has come a long way in his training and is a great ride on the trail for all-level riders. We find him very endearing the way he always wants to connect with his rider.​


Morgan gelding, born 1998, 15.1 hands

Many of you know good, old Jacob since he is the horse that has been with BARR the longest. Jacob started out as a buggy horse for an Amish family in Iowa and has also done dressage, western pleasure, been a trail patrol horse, and an awesome trail horse for BARR. Currently he is enjoying semi-retirement but is still showing beginners the ropes on trail rides. 

Quarter Horse gelding, born 2008, 16 hands

Canelo is our newest horse in the family. His early career was as a back-country trail horse on hunting trips. Since then, he’s been trained to be a fancy arena horse. Therefore, he is both intrepid on the trails and well-schooled in the arena. This makes him well suited to any level of rider. Canelo is people-friendly and agreeable; frequently cuddling up to you when he is actually searching you for treats.

Morgan gelding, born 2006, 15.1 hands

Before Pontus came to us, he worked miles and miles of trails along the coast of San Luis Obispo as a pleasure trail horse. Advanced beginners and up will find him easy to ride with his very sure-footed, calm and brave personality on the trails. You’ll appreciate Pontus for his forward and sensible demeanor as well.